The Payne Springs Community

We proudly serve a 36 sq mile area, including the City of Payne Springs, Pinnacle Club, Enchanted Isles, The Highlands, Forest Glenn, Carolynn Estates, Michael’s Cove, Bushwacker, Leisure Land, Del-Mar, Three Harbors, Baywood, Southwood Shores and many other additions. We proudly serve 99% of  Henderson County Emergency Service District #2 which includes homes of 1, 2, 2 1/2, 3 and even 4 story along with many businesses. We serve an area starting at the middle of the bridge at  Gun Barrel City, running to the South to the middle of the bridge to Caney City and just past the railroad tracks towards Eustace including CR 2502,2504  and part of 2503.

We proudly display our slogan “Our Family Serving Your Family”  because we are all a big family and we take pride in serving our community. Our Department was formed back in 1974 by many brave men and women just like us wishing to take that extra step in helping out the community. Over the years our Department has changed with the help of many volunteers. So many I can’t even begin to state their names. Now we have 54 Volunteers responding out of 2 stations (Building Station # 3) with 13 Appparatus.   

Every year we strive to improve service to our community. We seek grants, donations and other means of funding along with funds from HCESD#2 in order to continue improving. Just think, to outfit one firefighter it takes well over $7500.00 including all “gear and breathing apparatus”, that don’t include the training. Now add in the cost of an Engine(Pumper) that we can ride in safley, you just drove the cost well above $425,000.00.  So the next time you see one of our fund raiser taking place or you want to donate online, please think about where we came from while seeing what we are doing to take care of the future!  Please support our family, donate as you can.

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